The exhuberant British lady that owned the vandrarhem I was staying at loaned me her bicycle so I could get out and see some sights. Having been a kid in the suburbs, the age of bicycledom ended once a drivers license was obtained. I finally paid the price for a decade of laziness. The Swedes ride bikes everywhere; in the cities there are whole separate road systems complete with traffic lights dedicated to the bicycle population.

Throughout the course of the day…
I was passed by about four cars.
I saw two horses, one cow, and two windmills.
I rode through fields of poppies and buttercups.

There were no towns however… and the old man standing in the road getting his mail who pointed this out to me was nice enough to take me to his house for a bottle of water. He offered me one of his three cars for the day, but sadly I cannot drive a stick shift.

I rode 15 km that day (not bad considering my ten year bicycling sabbatical), and had Queen’s “I want to ride my bicycle” song stuck in my head for most of it.

More from my bike ride here.

I’m off to Tallberg in Dalarna tomorrow for the midsummer celebrations this weekend. I have no idea what to expect, but if things get crazy I managed to get my own room to go hide out in.